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Tulip & Easter Bunny Soap Bouquet Set

Tulip & Easter Bunny Soap Bouquet Set

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Do away with perishable floral bouquets and invest in our beautifully handcrafted Tulip soap bouquet and bubble bath! So real that she will have a hard time believing that its soap!
This Tulip and Easter Bunny soap bouquet is paired with an enchanting Apple Orchard hand sanitiser and the perfect gift this Year of the Rabbit!

Each product is handmade and formulated with plant-based ingredients to suit the most sensitive skin

    The Gift Set Includes:

    • 1 x Bouquet of Pink Tulips Soap; Scent: Bouquet of Flower
    • 1 x Red Riding Bunny; Scent: Passion Fruit
    • 1 x Hand Sanitiser - 50 ml; Scent: Apple Orchard
    • 1 x Bath Bomb

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