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Decorative Wooden Tray With Resin Art

Decorative Wooden Tray With Resin Art

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Bring alive your hosting game with these beautiful handmade wooden trays decorated with food grade resin art.
This extraordinary piece combines the natural beauty of wood with the serene allure of the seaside, the enchanting magic of geodes and the delicate charm of pressed flowers.

Each design has a story to tell and mysteries embedded within the resin! From intricate geode-inspired formations, reminiscent of the mesmerising crystal interiors found in nature to delicate pressed flowers meticulously arranged within the resin, preserving their natural beauty forever and the shells and rocks nestled by the seaside.

This resin art wooden tray can be used for serving refreshments, displaying trinkets, organising essentials or even as a stunning decorative centrepiece.

As a gift idea, this exquisite tray represents a harmonious blend of nature's wonders, artistry, and functionality. It serves as a daily reminder of the beauty found around us. Suitable as house warming, anniversary or birthday gifts.

Product Details:

Dimensions: 20x30x2cm 
Material: Resin & Wood
Styles: Available in 3 options


  • This is a handcrafted gift and no two handcrafted items can be exactly alike.
  • The photos showcase past orders - when you place an order, the tray will be created according to your desired specifications
  • Please allow 5-7 Days for creation. This excludes shipping time.

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