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Decorative Resin 14 Inch Wall-Clock

Decorative Resin 14 Inch Wall-Clock

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Give the gift of time with this  14-inch  wall clock adorned with captivating resin art. This extraordinary piece combines functionality with artistic expression, bringing a touch of beauty and sophistication to any living space.

The wooden MDF wall clock serves as a practical and functional item, allowing the recipient to keep track of time with ease. The unique handcrafted resin art transforms each clock into a stunning work of art and a mesmerising visual centrepiece. The fluidity of the resin creates unique and organic designs, making each clock a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

Embedded within the resin, you'll discover captivating elements that can vary based on the chosen theme. For example, a beach theme may include hints of serene blues, shimmering seashells, or gentle waves. A geode theme might feature mesmerising crystalline patterns and vibrant gem-like colors. Alternatively, a floral theme could showcase delicate petals and vibrant blooms.

Whether as a housewarming gift, a birthday present or a gesture to show your admiration, this resin art wall clock is sure to make a lasting impression and be a gift that is remembered for a long time.

Product Details:

Dimensions: 35 cms / 14 Inches Diameter 
Material: Wooden MDF & Resin
Style: Available in 3 different colour and style options
Variations: We offer two different varieties of 14-inch MDF board wall clocks:

  1. Classic: This option features a sleek and minimalist design without any numbers or engravings on the surface. It offers a clean and contemporary look.
  2. Retro: This option includes engraved numbers on the wooden surface of the clock. The numbers are carefully carved into the MDF board, adding a decorative element while still maintaining a stylish retro appearance.


  • This is a handcrafted gift and no two handcrafted items can be exactly alike.
  • The photos showcased depict past orders tailored to meet specific client requirements. When you place an order, the wall clock will be created according to your desired specifications.
  • All products are made to order and have a 7-10 day creation period excluding shipping time.

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