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Ocean Effect Sorority Paddle Cheeseboard

Ocean Effect Sorority Paddle Cheeseboard

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Looking to be the Perfect Party Diva or know someone who throws the best soirées in town?

With the realistic shoreline scene crafted from resin, this Ocean Effect Sorority Paddle can be used in a variety of ways. From being a cheese platter for a smaller gathering, to a beer tasting paddle, tea light holder or simply as a beautiful wall decor - it has the potential to make every gathering a beach party!  

Coated with food grade wax this charcuterie board is completely food safe. Perfect for gifting or just to add a glamour quotient to your festivities!

Product Details:

Material: Wooden Board, Resin
Size: L 55 cm x  H 1.5 cm x W 13 cm (at the broadest part)

Package Contents: One (1) Paddle

Please note that as this is a handmade product, no two pieces can be exactly alike in design or colour. This makes your gift unique and one of a kind.

Pre-Order Only: This beautiful resin Ocean Effect Sorority Paddle is available on pre order. Please allow 7 days for custom requests in addition to the shipping time.

* Pictures with serving usage options are for illustration purpose only.

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