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Let's Get Closer: Couples Edition

Let's Get Closer: Couples Edition

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A prompt card game designed to strengthen relationships, enhance intimacy, and nurture connectedness by engaging couples in deep and meaningful conversations around love, dreams, and life experiences. Deepen your emotional and intimate relationships.  
Conversations around love, life, and intimacy. Deepen your emotional and intimate relationships.  

  1. Create a calm, inviting atmosphere. Light some candles, play your favourite background music, have your chosen drinks ready.
  2. Choose which level of closeness you’re comfortable with based on how deep your relationship is right now.
  3. Take turns reading and answering the questions. Listen mindfully and engage in discussions.
  4. Take some time together and reflect on the answers. What did you discover about each other and your relationship?
  5. The next step is up to you. Go up a level. Even go down a level. There’s no wrong way to play as long as you’re getting closer.

Looking for a new way to connect with your partner? Share personal and intimate experiences, strengthen your bond, and connect on a deeper, more passionate level with this new couples edition of our easy-to-play conversational game.

The cards are separated into three levels-Close, Closer, and Closest-with each progressive level challenging players to open up more, speak their truth, and engage in honest and open conversations.

100 prompts about love.  

Discover intimately curated questions—based on principles of positive psychology—that spark meaningful conversations around relationships, closeness, and love. Create opportunities for deep, honest, and those sometimes uncomfortable discussions. Gain a more positive perspective on your life and relationships. Talk about your love languages, values, pleasures, and sorrows.  Reflect on what truly matters to you. Define your love.

Perfect gift for partners on anniversary, date, valentine's day - any occasion to deepen the relationship.

Product Details:

    • Based on principles of positive psychology
    • Box size: 5.1" x 2.6" x 2.3" /131mm x 68mm x 60mm
    • 100 prompt and wild cards
    • Recommended for players aged 18+
    • 100% recycled, biodegradable, and FSCTM certified
    • paper
    • 100% plastic-free

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