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Essential Oil Rollers - For Children's General Well-Being

Essential Oil Rollers - For Children's General Well-Being

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Essential Oil rollers are a great, natural and subtly powerful addition to your health and wellness. Roller bottles allow you to easily benefit from aromatherapy wherever you are, thanks to their portable size.

Use the roller bottle to apply a bit of this essential oil to your little one's skin and they will feel better in no time. Each of our rollers have been carefully crafted with therapeutic-grade essential oils and organic base oil to specifically based on the benefits of essential oils for each purpose. Give them a gift of health and comfort.

Choose from 5 Options.

  • Bug Bites: Helps soothe itching and discomfort of insect bite. Roll on and around bug bite area.
  • For Those Owies : Promotes healing and eases discomfort. Roll onto finger and gently dab on minor cuts or abrasions.
  • Happy Lungs : Supports respiratory health. Roll onto chest and rub in gently.
  • Happy Tummy : Promotes healthy digestion. Roll on belly and gently massage in a clockwise circular motion.
  • Sleep Tight : Promotes relaxation and sleep. Roll on to chest and shoulders before bedtime.

As regular essential oils can be too strong for children when used on the skin, our rollers for kids are specially crafted for children below 12 years old.

Product Details:

  • 10 ml per Roll-On Bottle
  • Each Pack contains One (1) Roll On Bottle of your choice

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