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Double Trouble - Pair Of Reversible Denim Aprons

Double Trouble - Pair Of Reversible Denim Aprons

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This pair of 2 Denim reversible aprons includes one adult size and one child size apron, making it a great gift for families or parent-child activity sessions. The reversible design with a rattan pocket for on one side and a block print design on the reverse, allows for versatile styling options and the adjustable neck straps ensure a comfortable fit for both adults and children. 

Nothing screams family time than a parent-child duo whipping up a storm in the kitchen or painting that masterpiece! Give the gift of practicality and creativity with this pair of reversible denim aprons for a bonding experience, they will thank you for.

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Size: Adult Apron - 67cm (L) X 57 cm (W) ; Child Apron - 57cm (L) X 37 cm (W)
Material: 100% soft cotton denim. Cute and Safe for Kids and Adults.
Design :  Unisex denim design. Long Neck & Waist Strings for added flexibility.

Package includes 1 Adult & 1 Child - Sized Apron 

Please allow for minor variations in colour between the 2 aprons as these are handmade and block printed.

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