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DIY Herb Starter Kit

DIY Herb Starter Kit

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The DIY Herb Starter Kit is not only a fantastic gift for seasoned gardeners, but it's also a great way to introduce kids and budding gardeners to the joys of sustainable living.

With its easy-to-use instructions and beginner-friendly components, this kit is the perfect way to inspire a love of gardening in anyone. By growing their own herbs, kids and first-time gardeners can learn about the importance of sustainable living and the benefits of growing their own food.

The kit includes everything needed to start growing fresh and flavourful herbs at home, including organic herb seeds, a plant pot and nutrient-rich soil. With easy-to-follow instructions, even those without a green thumb can enjoy the benefits of growing their own herbs.
So whether you're looking to give a unique and meaningful gift or inspire a passion for gardening in someone special, our DIY Herb Starter Kit is the perfect choice. It's an ideal choice for housewarming gifts, birthday presents, Mother's Day, Father's Day, or even as a thoughtful gesture to a friend or colleague who loves cooking with fresh herbs.

Plus, by growing their own herbs, your loved ones can enjoy the satisfaction of producing their own fresh ingredients while also promoting a more sustainable lifestyle. Give the gift of gardening with our DIY Herb Starter Kit today!

Product Details:

Material: Ceramic, Plastic or Stone (depending on selection)
DimensionsNordic Square Plant Pot w Ceramic Tray (10.5cm * 9.0cm)

Package Contents:

1. One Premium Planting Pot of your choice:

a. 11cm High Quality Thick Oasis Premium Plastic Planter w Tray (11cm * 10cm)
b. Nordic Square Ceramic Plant Pot w Ceramic Tray (10.5cm * 9.0cm)
c. Modern Stone Square Plant Pot w Ceramic Tray (10cm * 10cm)

2. Organic herb seeds of your choice
3. 300g of High Quality Organic Potting Soil
4. 100g of Organic Chicken Manure Fertiliser
5. Water Dropper (for watering young seedlings)
6. Kraft Wooden Spoon
7. Kraft Wooden Label
8. Black fine marker
9. Detailed instruction card
Note: Does Not Include Wooden Tray - Only for Illustration

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