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Hand Painted Warli Terracotta Clay Glasses

Hand Painted Warli Terracotta Clay Glasses

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This set of traditional terracotta (kulhad) glasses are reminiscent of the rustic landscape of northern India. These hand painted terracotta glasses will add an earthy appeal and raw serenity to your contemporary dining spaces.

Made of terracotta clay, this product is naturally resistant to mould and bacteria. 

Colour :Brown & White
Production Method :Pottery
Material Description :Terracotta Clay
Size(L x B x H) :2.8 x 2.8 x 3.3 Inches
Weight :790 grams

Disclaimer :Terracotta gets its distinctive reddish colour from the iron in the mix that reacts with oxygen. While the orange-red tone is most common in India, terracotta products can range from peach to pink, brown to grey, based on the temperature of the firing and the quantum of iron in the dough

Pack Contents :Set of 6 Clay Glasses (175ml)

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