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Mango Wood Fruit Bowl

Mango Wood Fruit Bowl

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This natural mango wood fruit bowl is the perfect gift for house parties and soirees. Handmade wooden offerings are as close as they get to being raw and natural. Mango wood is one of the most sustainable forms of wood and it is also known to be durable and highly water-resistant, making it ideal for wooden cookware and kitchenware. Give this gorgeous bowl as a gift or simply bring it along with your dish for a potluck - you would be the star of the outing!!

Product Details -
Colour :
Black ; Brown
Material Description :Mango Wood
Size(L x B x H) :6.75 x 6.75 x 1.25 Inches
Weight :150 grams

Disclaimer : Mango wood has a beautiful straight, curly or interlocked grain pattern. Textural nuances like knot holes, scratches and blemishes are highlights of natural wood, lending a distinct rustic flavour to the product.

Pack Contents :1 Bowl

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