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Macramé Roundie handbag

Macramé Roundie handbag

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This gorgeous hand knotted macramé handbag with a carved wooden handle flaunts a bohemian-chic aesthetic. Made from cotton cords, this eco friendly statement piece can transform any outfit! Great for a casual night out or a beach party, this roundie bag is the perfect gift for those who cant do without their essentials!

Macramé is set apart by dramatic handmade knots and fringes, achieved by talented artisans without the use of any machines or tools. While the knotting technique dates back to the 13th century, in modern history, macramé is an art form believed to have been brought to the West from Arabic countries. As these textiles were distributed across Europe, more people began experimenting with knotting as a hobby. Today, macramé is practiced around the world, making a major comeback! Cinched knots in varying sizes lend this bag a unique flavour.

Colour : Natural Creamish White 
Production Method :Macrame
Feature 1 :Wooden handles for ease of carrying
Material Description :Cotton
Size(L x B x H) :19 x 0 x 16 Inches

Care Description :Avoid machine wash. Dry clean or gently soak in warm soapy water and hand wash to clean. Do not squeeze dry or bleach

Disclaimer :This product is made using cotton, so there may be minor inherent colour and design variations, lending exclusivity to each offering, making every bag one-of-a-kind

Pack Contents :1 Bag

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