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Earmarked Laundry Bags (set of 6 - 2 sizes each)

Earmarked Laundry Bags (set of 6 - 2 sizes each)

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This jute laundry bag set  with PU handles is the perfect way to get your laundry done on time and avoid clothes coming out in different colours and shapes! Designated bags make it easy to sort laundry real time, with an adult and child size in each category. The PU Handles make it easy to carry when it's that time of the week. Designed to make you an instant laundry queen...or king!

This is a set of handmade bags that flaunt the strength and rustic beauty of grass fibres in its design. As a plant-based, eco-friendly material with fibres in shades of gold,  jute is durable and brimming with raw, natural style. This set features the artisans' authentic processes that appeal to a global consumer while holding its ground as a distinct piece of craft!

Colour :Natural
Production Method :Handmade
Material Description :Jute and PU Handles
Size (L x B x H): Small - 13x13x9.5 inches ; Large - 12.5 x 12.5 x 15.5 Inches

Disclaimer :Handwoven and there may be subtle differences in size and shape.

Pack Contents :Set of 6 Laundry bags - 2 in each size

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