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Recycling Wrapping From Christmas Gifts

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The holiday season is a time for giving and celebrating with loved ones, but it can also generate a lot of waste, particularly in the form of wrapping paper, packaging materials, and other items. Here are some tips on how to recycle wrapping paper and other materials from your Christmas gifts:

  1. Recycle Wrapping Paper :The National Environment Agency (NEA) is responsible for managing waste in Singapore and accepts clean wrapping paper for recycling. However shiny wrapping paper is generally made with Mylar and glitter paper and are not suitable for recycling. So put together all the scraps of wrapping paper that are eligible for recycling
    and head to the nearest blue bin.
  2. Recycle packaging materials: In addition to wrapping paper, you may also have boxes, bubble wrap, and other packaging materials to dispose of after opening your gifts. These materials can also be disposed in the blue bins in your estate.
  3. Reuse gift bags and boxes: If you receive gifts in reusable gift bags or boxes, consider keeping them and using them again next year. This can help reduce waste and save you money on gift packaging.
  4. Donate or reuse wrapping paper: If you have leftover wrapping paper that is still in good condition, consider donating it to a school or community center, or using it to wrap gifts for other occasions.
  5. Compost ribbons and bows: Ribbons and bows are not typically recyclable, but they can be composted if they are made of natural materials such as paper or fabric. In Singapore, you can compost these materials at designated food waste collection points or by using a home composting system.

Learn more about recycling in Singapore with #Bloobin at NEA's Recycling Guide and make this Christmas your greenest one ever!

Next step is to eschew the traditional, single-use wrapping paper altogether and opt for more sustainable and eco friendly options. 

Earth 911 offers a list of 11 eco-friendly substitutes for wrapping paper - including plantable seed tags and upcycled bags. Caidra Gifting offers a range of sustainable options such as plantable Gift Tags  and GOTS certified totes to make sustainable gifting a new norm.

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